Question 1

Select all areas of the body that are affected

Question 2

How often do you experience stiff, swollen and/or painful joints or other symptoms of RA such as fatigue?

Question 3

What activities are affected? (select all that apply)

Question 4

What are your biggest concerns about your RA? (select all that apply)

Question 5

What types of treatment/therapy are you currently using? (select all that apply)

Question 6

Have you been prescribed medication for the treatment of your RA?

Question 7

If you have been prescribed medication, are you taking it as instructed by your doctor?

Question 8

What form have your RA medications been in the past? (select all that apply)

Question 9

How have your symptoms changed in the last 6 months/since your last check-up?

Question 10

What are the most important aspects of your treatment plan? (select all that apply)

Thank you for completing the questionnaire

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